What we care about

Public Health

Science and critical thinking can alleviate people's suffering. Clinical laboratory services are the most cost effective, least invasive source of objective health information in disease prevention and diagnosis. By working with public health agencies, we improve patient outcomes and fulfill essential public health surveillance functions.


We care deeply for our community and understand the intrinsic connection between individual health and community health. Barriers to laboratory services limit patients' ability to receive the care they need. We work closely with local hospitals and clinicians to remove these barriers and expand access to state-of-the-art precision medicine, preventive and diagnostic test services. We're committed to providing equitable access to diagnostic services that are accurate, timely, patient-centered, and of the highest quality. Together we can lower costs, improve individual outcomes and the health of our community. 


Are you a physician scientist in need of laboratory support? We collaborate with community partners by providing laboratory testing, test development, and sponsored testing services. 

We're here to support your clinical and translational research needs.


We're life-long learners. Join us as we engage in conversations with world-renowned scientists and clinicians designed to expand knowledge and expertise.