inherited heart disease doesn't have to be a surprise

Next-Generation Information

Expert-Defined Content

Targets 174 genes related to 17 inherited cardiac conditions



99 % of the targeted regions covered at a depth of at least 20X



Multiple genes in a single assay, reduces reagents and costs 

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Leading cause of nontraumatic mortality in the United States. 

  • Strikes people of all ages, even those who appear healthy
  • At least 25% of these events can be classified as inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs).
  • Identifying these genetically driven cases can be an important factor in diagnosis, therapy, and ultimately patient outcomes

Affordable, Comprehensive and Targeted

Most widely available genetic assays for are expensive, narrowly focused, and hindered by slow turnaround times.

  • Our assay focuses on the conditions most affected by genetics
  • 174 genes related to 17 inherited cardiac conditions (ICCs) 
  • Includes a growing set of emerging genes related to cardiac conditions
  • In-house sequencing and analysis means unparalleled turnaround time


17 Cardiac Conditions. One Test